Stinger Photo 74


"Lt. Col. Simon & VNAF Training Crew"

stinger with 20mm on ramp

DANANG AB, Republic of Vietnam
- This is the only know photo that has all the USAF crewmembers who had to bail out during a VNAF training mission, which was the last USAF Stinger flight before being turned over to the Vietnamese.

USAF crewmembers, L to R, back row: Lt. Col. Ray Wolf (Instructor Navigator and Admin Officer); MSgt Lee Kyser (Instructor FE and Detachment NCOIC); Capt. Barger (Instructor FLIR/NOS); TSgt Leroy Jackson (Instructor Gunner); Unknown (Instructor Gunner.

Bottom left, kneeling behind VNAF student is Lt. Col. Roy Simon (Instructor Pilot)

Bottom right, kneeling, SSgt Bill Isham (Instructor Illuminator Operator)

Simon, Wolf, Barger, Jackson, and Isham were on the last flight. Kyser was not with them as he had just qualified the VNAF FE and it was the VNAF FE's first solo flight.
(Photo courtesy Lee Kyser, SMSgt, USAF, Ret.)

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