Stinger Photo 73



stinger with 20mm on ramp

DANANG AB, Republic of Vietnam
- An unidentified VNAF flight engineer poses by by a Stinger gunship. He was the first VNAF FE to be qualified and had to bail out on his first solo flight. He was the FE with Lt. Col. Simon and training crew when the VNAF GCA operators departed ther stations due to Danang being fogged in. No one told the airborne crew about the fog. Colonel Simon took over the controls, made one very accurate ILS approach, couldn't see the runway and subsequently had to bail out over the South China Sea. One VNAF crewmember was lost. The VNAF student NAV failed to release his chute and drowned when he was pulled under the water by the rescue boats propeller.
(Photo courtesy Lee Kyser, SMSgt, USAF, Ret.)

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