Stinger Photo 66


"Goodbye NKP"

stinger with 20mm on ramp

Nakhon Phanom, Royal Thai Air Force Base
Aircraft Commander Lieutenant Steve MacIsaac waves goodbye to his ground crew and NKP as he heads for a mission to the PDJ (Plain de Jars), Laos. On November 4, 1972, flying the 18th SOS's "Black Killer Duck", AC-119K, tail number 53-7830, MacIsaac and his crew flew the "Stingers" last mission into the PDJ region of Laos from NKP.
MacIsaac's crew and aircraft recovered at Danang Air base in the Republic of Vietnam and flew the rest of their missions from that strategic base
(Photo courtesy Steve MacIsaac, Col. USAF, Ret.)

Note: Lt. MacIsaac flew his first combat mission on February 17, 1972 and completed his 171st and final combat mission on December 13, 1972....all in less than 10 months! This averaged to more than 20 missions per month.

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