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Thai Baht Bus

baht bus

Thai Baht Bus - A major mode of transportation between NKP Air Base and the town of Nakohn Phanom.
(Photo courtesy of Andy Bright)

Side Note: SSgt Bill Petrie (IO) and MSgt Tony Caruso (G) were on the verge of busting curfew one night while trying to get back to base. When the Thai bus drivers refused to take a last bus to the base, Petrie hijacked a bus and drove it to the main gate.
With the Thai bus driver screaming (because Petrie shut the door with the bus driver on the outside and he was hanging on for dear life as they motored down the road, Petrie eventually let him in), Petrie, wearing the bus drivers hat, drove away with the bus while Caruso was collecting money (with the bus drivers money changer) from drunks and stragglers the picked up along the way. Much confusion reigned when they hit the Main gate at NKP.
As Thai and American security police rounded up people as they fell from the bus, and tried to determine who broke the rear window, Petrie and Caruso made good their escape by telling SP's in a nearby jeep they had to get back to the hootch because they had an emergency gunship mission to fly.
The daring duo were driven to their hootch while everyone else was arrested. Later reports had Caruso and Petrie drinking lots of coffee that night.

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