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The Four Horsemen

4 crew chiefs

The four Horsemen - Are Crew Chiefs, Left to right: Sgt Ronald A. Fehring; SSgt Ken Pall; Sgt Robert "Andy" Bright; and Sgt William Brooks.
(Photo courtesy of Andy Bright)

Maintenance crews and Crew Chiefs were the backbone of the AC-119 gunship fleets. They worked long, hot, thankless, hours to make ready the gunships for their patrols. The aircrews who flew the gunships give their heartfelt thanks to all the maintenance men who gave them superb aircraft to take them into battle and back.
To all the maintenance troops, Well done!

However, maintenance crews were not without their heartburn from the flight crews as the crews were known to leave strange write-ups in the maintenance forms that the flight crews used to inform the maintenance crews of problems with the aircraft. Even stranger were the corrections to these problems. The following are actual write-ups folks, and feel free to add more if you have them.
Here are some of our crew chiefs favorites... :

Problem: "Left inside main tire almost needs replacement."
Solution: Almost replaced left inside main tire."

Problem: "Test flight OK, except autoland very rough."
Solution: "Autoland not installed on this aircraft."

Problem: "#2 Propeller seeping prop fluid."
Solution 1:"#2 Propeller seepage normal."
Solution 2: "#1,#3, and #4 propellers lack normal seepage."

Problem: "The autopilot doesn't."
Solution: "IT DOES NOW."

Problem: "Something loose in cockpit."
Solution: "Something tightened in cockpit."

Problem: "Evidence of hydraulic leak on right main landing gear."
Solution: "Evidence removed."

Problem: "Number three engine missing."
Solution: "Engine found on right wing after brief search."

Problem: "DME volume unbelievably loud."
Solution: "Volume set to more believable level."

Problem: Dead bugs on windshield.
Solution: Live bugs on order.

Problem: Autopilot in altitude hold mode produces a 200 fpm descent.
Solution: Cannot reproduce problem on ground.

Problem: IFF inoperative.
Solution: IFF inoperative in OFF mode.

Problem: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick.
Solution: That's what they're there for.

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