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Stinger Photo 8

"Party of Six?"


Tony Bautz' party of six

Stinger Party Hootch, June, 1971, Nakon Phanom, Thailand. - Some of Maj. Tony Bautz' crew try to break the camera in the officer's party hootch at NKP.
Standing left to right are Maj. L. Rigsby, Forward Looking Infra-Red sensor operator(FLIR)/Navigator; Maj. Tony Bautz, Aircraft Commander/Instructor pilot; Maj. Al Shapiro, Night Observation Sensor (NOS) operator/Navigator; left to right sitting, 1/Lt. Allan Jaeckle, Co-pilot; Maj. Fred Nohmer, Navigator; Maj. Bob Fowler, Navigator. Fred Nohmer was later switched to another crew.
(Photo courtesy of Tony Bautz, Weatherford, TX)

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