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Stinger Photo 7

"Maj. Tony Bautz and Crew #7"

Tony Bautz and crew #7

Stinger crew # 7, July, 1971, Nakon Phanom, Thailand. - Maj. Tony Bautz and crew pose for the camera before departing on another of their many missions into the night sky of Laos.
Standing left to right are: SSgt Bobby Holmes, flight engineer; Maj. Dave Cummings, forward looking infra-red (FLIR) sensor operator/navigator; Maj. Tony Bautz, aircraft commander/instructor pilot; 18th SOS "poster boy" Capt. Dick Iversen, co-pilot; Unknown gunner.
Sitting left to right are: Maj. Al Shapiro, night observation sensor (NOS) operator/navigator; A1C Steve Steinfelt, gunner; Maj. Bob Fowler, navigator; TSgt Ken Daniels, gunner; SSgt D. W. Snyder, illuminator operator (IO).

Note: We think the gunner is kobylarz but are not sure. If you can identify him please email Bill Petrie (Photo courtesy of Tony Bautz, Weatherford, TX)

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