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Stinger Photo 5

Suppose They Gave a War
and these guys came

Rogue AC-119k Gunship crew Photo 005

Mamasan didn't have all the flight suits washed so a roguish AC-119K crew makes do with what they have. A crew complete with its own live white Buddah and the notorious Air Pirate, Howie Reid.

Standing in back: TSgt. Ken "Lurch" Daniels, gunner; Capt. Pat McGillis, Pilot; Capt. Howie "The Air Pirate" Reid, Navigator; Capt. John "Mad Dog" Morgan, Pilot; Capt. Bob "De Debil" Fredericks, Pilot; and 1Lt. Larry "The Buddah" Oliver, Co-pilot.
Kneeling in front: Sgt Gary Lane, Gunner; Sgt Felix Caballero, Gunner; and the scourge of Natick High School, IO and scanner extraordinaire, SSgt Bill Petrie.
(Many thanks to the family of Col. James Chapman, Stinger navigator, for this photo.)

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