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Stinger Photo 2

AC-119K Stinger Crew
Nakhon Phanom (NKP), Thailand, 1971

Stinger Gunship Crewphoto 001

NKP, Thailand: An AC-119K Stinger Gunship crew poses in Squadron Operations before their mission into Laos.

Standing left to right: 1Lt. Leslie G. Moore, Nav/sensor; SSgt Dewell M. Clemons, Flight Engineer; Capt. Allen J. Bareras, Co-pilot; Capt Cash McCall, NOS/FLIR operator extraordinaire; Maj. Gerald T. Smith, Navigator; SSgt William O. Petrie, Illuminator Operator/Scanner (IO); Unknown.
Kneeling left to right: Unknown, gunner; Unknown, gunner; A1C Bruce L. Byrd, Gunner.
(Photo courtesy of CMSgt Bill Petrie, USAF, Ret.)

Note: If you can identify any of the unknown crew members in this photo please email Bill Petrie with their names, rank, and crew position.

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