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Fairchild C-82 Packet and C-119 Flying Boxcar
by Alwyn T. Lloyd.

ISBN: 1 85780 201 2
Format: Softcover

39966 Grand Ave., North Branch, MN 55056
2005, 192 pages, Ill: 25 b & W and color photos
found on for $23.28

Web address:

Not much has been published on these twin-boom U.S. military freighters; Al Lloyd's book finally fills a long void. Lloyd's book not only portrays the long operational history of the C-119 used exstensively in the Korean War, it also details some of the experiences of the combat crews that flew the C-119 after it transitioned to the historic role of an attack gunship.

Many who maintained and flew the AC-119K Stinger version of the gunship will enjoy the photo on page 156 showing a K model C-119 flying with jets only and its gear down and props feathered. It is just one of the 250 great photos and illustrations in this superb collection of C-82 Packet and C-119 Boxcar information. There is something for everyone associated with the remarkable C-82 and C-119.
Loaded with tail numbers, base assignments, and much more, this book is a tribute to the somewhat unrecognized and unsung workhorse called the "Flying Boxcar." It is a must have for collectors of significant aviation information, especially information on the C-119.

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