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2014 Mail Call

August 4th - Just wondering if anyone is RVing to reunion besides us. We are going to stay at Kirtland AFB, Fam Camp. I called and they said they had plenty of spaces.

God Bless
John & Gwendolyne Zebley

June 16 - Howie Reid has found a room buddy for the reunion. Thanks for replying to him.

Apr 10 - From Howie Reid if any one wants to share a room with me during the reunion in ABQ please email me at

Thanks, Howard
Yankee Air Pirate

Mar 21 - Brother Mike Traynor, 18th SOS Aerial Gunner, 70-71, has departed on his "Final Flight." Departure time was 0001L, Mar 2014. He was met at the heavenly gates by his other departed warriors. Rest in Peace Mike.

Please check the Association Face Book page and/or your POCs for further information on funeral and other arrangements. You may also check with Wayne Laessig if need be. The webmaster will be away from his computer from March 22nd through April 1st and will not be able to update Mail Call.

Mar 20 - Update on Mike Traynor. I Drove up to Buffalo yesterday and spent 2 hours with Mike. It was great to see him and at the same time sad. He is very weak and they have started the more powerful pain killer which they say will not take effect for several more days although he said he was not in too much pain.

Got to meet his daughter, Emily, who will take care of his emails since his wife Sandy is not savvy to the internet. Emily's email is and she is over everyday.

My thanks to all of you and Mike thanks you for all the interest of his Gunship Brothers. It would be fine to add it to the Mail Call and FB.

Jerry Snyder

Mar 18 - Update on Gunship brother Mike Traynor.

Dear Gunship Brothers, I am writing you to let you know that a member of Stinger crew#1 is entering a hard time of life.  Mike Traynor was part of our gunner's crew on Mike Ryan's crew is entering hospice care.  He thought he had the leukemia beaten & was going to have a bone marrow soon but it came back with a vengeance & now only has a short time to live.

  He is a loyal AC-119 Gunship Association member, attended several reunions and is a great golf buddy as we won several times.  He will be surely missed by his crew mates.  Mike is very weak & hasn't really been able to talk or email but if you wish to send a note his email is  I'm sure his wife Sandy will read them to him. I hope to get up to Buffalo in the next few days to visit him.
Mike still displays the same courage he did in the days he flew on the gunships as he called me to say good-bye & if I would contact his other crew members for him and to say what a great bunch of men he had flown with over 40 years ago and that he will never forget them.

  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.  
"old soldiers never die they just fade away". 

  Jerry Snyder

Mar 16 - Sad News today

Very sad news from Jerry Snyder. 18th SOS Gunner, Michael Traynor has Lukemia and has a very short time to be with us. Doctors say maybe two weeks. Mike is a loyal association member and has been to a number of reunions, including last year in San Antonio. We all need to pray for Mike and his family.

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