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A Note from Cleo Downs

My new email address is I hope to be at the next reunion if our health will allow it.



Hi Guys,
My name is Jerry Riesenberg. I was a SSgt in the 456 munitions Maintenance Squadron at NKP Thailand supporting Stingers from Jan 71 to Dec 71. If anyone remembers working with me please drop me an email at

Wishing a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Happy New year to all Gunship Brothers and their families.

Jim Terry

Merry Christmas to all of my gunship Brothers.

I know that around Christmas sometimes things can be a little hectic for some of us. But, We all remember what it was like around Christmas time while we were in a combat zone. I have found this site where you can send a package to the troops in Iraq.
If you can see your way to sponsoring a package Please do so. In order for the pack to get there for Christmas. Please send one ASAP. I have sponsored two GI's Christmas gifts. I you will also. The site is

Bob LaRosa

Hey guys,

I’m trying to put together some of the personal field gear and flight gear we wore in Nam/Thailand. So far I have:

• hard hat (M-1 helmet) and flak vest
• set of jungle fatigues and boots

• flight suit (doesn’t fit anymore, washed it to many times and it shrunk)
• belly chute w/harness (never used, by me)
• water wings

working on getting a flight helmet, the green ballistic type we had later in the game...
...working on a butt boat as well, already have a raft

• survival vest with holster and signal mirror
• compass
• survival knife & sheath (K-bar)
• small, multi-blade, survival knife, stainless steel
• strobe light
• whistle
• camouflage tube, makeup
• bug repellant
• tourniquet

I know I’m missing the 2 marker flares, survival radio (I think it was a URC-64), pen gun & flares, (I got outbid on the radio & pen gun set on eBay and haven’t seen any more come up) and more than likely some other stuff.

I’m hoping there might be some Life Support guys, or anyone else, out there that might remember what was in the vest and could help me out with what I still need and maybe even where the stuff was located on the vest.

I can be contacted at either or

Fellow-Shadows and Stingers:
It's not too early to start writing your biography and finding that Vietnam photograph of yourself for the AC-119 Squadrons History Book. Stay tuned to our website for more information about the History Book Project.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Project Coordinator

I received key chain # 00009 at the reunion. I would like to exchange it for # 00044. I’ll even reimburse you for postage.
I can be reached at:
Hope to see you all in ABQ.
Howard, the Yankee Air Pirate.

Happy veterans day to all my gunship brothers especially Stinger1. God bless America because she deserves it. God bless all of us because we deserve it too. Thanks to all who have come after us to keep us free. Brothers forever


At the reunion I won a key chain numbered 00017. If someone has number 00018 and would like to trade, please contact me.



Important Request For IOs

Dear Bill, I received a call from Jim Moore, he was intrested in finding out where he can get his hands on a manual on the Illuminator. He is trying to help Bill Cortie, who is going blind.
Jim, would like to hear from any flight crew members that flew with Bill during his tour, specifically someone who was on the aircraft when he fell out the back door, and was swinging in the breeze or.... anyone who was on any flight that Bill was on when the Illuminator was in use. I told Jim to contact Brooks AFB,TX for the manual.
If there is anybody out there that can help a gunship brother in need, please contact me at or Jim Moore at

Thanks, Ray-Ray Barradale

Webmaster note: If anyone does come up with text information/ diagrams of the Illuminator please let the webmaster know for inclusion on the website.



Hey guys, my name is Craig Lewis, Avionics man at Tuy Hoa 6/70 -9/70; Phan Rang 10/70-12/70; Da Nang 12/70-2/71; Phan Rang 3/71-6/71.

Just wanted to tell ya'll something I just got in the mail. Got it off eBAY from the best price guy George Joseph 303Morlatton Rd, Douglassville, PA 19518. He has an eBAY store called J O S Sales Collectables.

He sells ZIPPO lighters, and I bought one from him for $16.99 plus $4.45 ship/handle. It is soooo beautiful - its a polished chrome with a mama son beauty? in a blue dress on the main body of the lighter where most logos go on Zs - BUT on the top face , the lid that ya flip is a 119 with the numbers 158 on the side under the pilot. The lighter is from the NOSE ART series. If you want one HURRY coz theres only about 15 left -- 1st come gets braggin rights !

She is a beauty!

This is in response to the email from George Carter. George, you aren’t the only youngster. I too am 54, but not for long. Turn the double nickel on October 29th. Entered the Air Force at 17 yrs old, 11 days after graduating, arrived at Phan Rang at 19 years old in June of 1970. Maybe at the next reunion they should take a picture of the youngest & oldest flight crew member.

Bill Zito


Just a short thank you for another great reunion. Good friends, good times enjoyed by all. See you all in New Mexico in '06.

Bob Connolly


This was the first time I attended a reunion and I had a great time. My son attended the banquet with me and he was impressed. I retired in February ‘05’ at Little Rock and only one other chief was older than me on the base and only by about a year. I had the most time in grade. Kind of makes you feel old when the wing commander entered the Air Force eight years after you. At the reunion I was probably the youngest former crewmember in attendance (54). Ya’ll made me feel real good!! Looking forward to next year.

George Carter


I salute all the Association Officers and Reunion Coordinators for another great reunion. I know it takes an enormous amount of planning and work to accomplish such a worthwhile event.

The memorial service, the laying of the wreath by family members of those lost in Vietnam, and the dedication of the Stinger monument were unforgettable. Bill Petrie take a bow for your eloquent words.

Like Duke Snyder, I'm looking forward to Reunion VII in Albuquerque. That's in New Mexico, Bernie. West of TEXAS!

Guns Hot!

Shadow 27 (Fletch)

I would like everyone in the Gun Ship Association to know how grateful I am for the honor and privilege of having been invited to your 2005 reunion. You folks really know how to put on a reunion, and I enjoyed it from start to finish. It was also great to finally meet all my email friends in person at Ft. Walton Beach (Muggy Bottom) and to make new acquaintances of the people who flew and maintained the Gun Ships. I look forward to seeing all you again where I live in Albuquerque.

Thanks for a memorable experience.

Chuck Lunsford



All chromed license plate frames are sold out. A new order is in progress. However, due to the large number of frames already sold, the new ones will have a more general logo. It will read as follows: "VIETNAM WAR VET" on top and "AC-119 GUNSHIPS" on the bottom.

To place an order, contact Lee Kyser at either of the following addresses or go to the Merchandise page on the website and click onto my address there.


Lee Kyser
805 448 7351



Just something to think about when moving the reunion next year to Albuquerque; we have a lot of Navigators in the group and most of them can't say Albuquerque never mind spelling it. They could be scattered all over the States next year. Please try to make up name tags for them with the destination so that they won't get lost. Meet yuz guys in the Hootch next week.
Jerry "Duke" Snyder



Guys, the Reunion is Still a go. I hope you are checking the Reunion Information page and not the Mail Call page for reunion updates. Had there been a change It would have been posted for all to see on the main site page and Reunion Information page. This post is on the off chance you are looking here for reunion info. See you at the Reunion.
The Webmaster.


In view of the catastrophic situation and damage caused by hurricane Katrina. I've decided not to attend this year's reunion. Instead, I will make a donation to one of the hurricane relief funds.

Bob La Rosa


This is hoping everyone down south will make it thru . Our prayers are with you . see you in Oct

Thank you

Just a Thank you sent out to Jeff and Mary Lou Baker for the Gift Basket that they sent to us. We really appreciate it, From out of the West, Low and Slow, The Reffners.

William Reffner

Hurricane Dennis & FWB Update

We have heard from Gus Sininger and Doug Wohlgamuth. Here is what we know. Gus and Jeanie plus their home made it through Dennis with no damage but they are still dealing with the lack of power and phones. Gus appreciates everyone's concerns but we need to back off and allow him and our other FWB friends to concentrate on getting their lives back to normal.

Doug & Karen are fine with just lots of rain at their location but we haven't heard from Norm Evans. Again, we'll leave them alone as we know we'll hear from them when they have everything back to something manageable.

Gus did provide some update with regard to Dennis's impact to the reunion. It appears that the hotel has some damage but should be able to be repaired prior to our get together. Phones are still out so Gus can't contact anyone from the hotel to verify anything else. Hurlburt Field is still without power and CE will have their hands full dealing with damage and clean-up which will have some impact on getting our monument in place.

As we learn more, we'll share with you all appears as though Dennis isn't going to stop us.

The 2006 Reunion Crew

Hope everyone is A-OK in Fort Walton and that the hotel didn't suffer too much. As long as the bar is open, we'll be there, come to think of it, as long as there are a couple of cases of cold ones in the parking lot, we'll be there. Hope to see you all in Sept.
Jerry "Duke" Snyder

July 13, 2005

Hey troops in the FWB area -- How about a BDA report on things after "Dennis" came to visit.

See you in Sep [I hope]

Jim Dunn

July 11, 2005

G'day You Blokes,

Long time, no talk to you Gents! Howdy Jim Alvis, Jim Mattison, Dan McDuffie, Bill Petrie and whomever else I've forgotten to mention - SORRY if I've missed your name BUT, as stated it's been a long time and my "so-called" memory isn't what it used to be. . . . BLOODY P.T.S.D.!

I have been a very busy bloke [apart from the everyday stuff], touring down south in Aus., showing the C.O. [my partner Marcie] places she has never been to. We spent a bit over three months in the caravan [trailer] and had a GREAT time. Altogether, we travelled 10,041 kilometres, approximately 6,000 miles.

It is the middle of winter here in Rockhampton and today I was perspiring in the garden with the temp at about 81 F. "IN THE SHADE!"

OH!!!!!!!!!!!! For any of you "ADMIRERS" OF THE SHADOW and STINGER GUNSHIPS, especially in their Vietnam and [Across The Border] roles, CRY YA HEARTS OUT!! I had the HONOR and THE PRIVILEGE of getting on the booze with some of the Blokes from the 17th./71st.S.O.S. and we had a TON O' FUN!! having Faggot Races, playing "Tickles" and all the rest of it.

I became a "regular" at their 'patio' and often watched the sunrise in the company of a "BUNCH OF GOOD MATES!!" VERY fond memories indeed! Mind you, I ALWAYS 'fronted-up' [arrived] with a carton of Aussie grog and MAYBE there is the odd chance, that perhaps that is the reason I was made so welcome - NAH!! ONLY kidding - they were ALL Top Fellas!

I was an aircraft 'techo' [E5], in charge of the Instrument Fitters on the Flight Line of #2 SQN, Royal Australian Air Force and we operated "OUR" version of the U.S. B-57, the Mk. 20 Canberra Bomber and was based at Phan Rang in the good Ol' '69.

I am still trying to locate Jerrold "CHUNKY" Thomas, Big Hank [an Afro-American OR at least dark-skinned] who was one of the MULTI-STRIPERS and if I remember, one of the Airmen/Aircrew bosses and/or ANY of the other Fellas who "PLAYED THE AUSSIE GAMES" in '69.

I still have an "ORIGINAL" Shadow 'Calling Card' from THOSE DAYS!!

Cheers, Good Health and Happiness to Y'all!!

Later Bros,
Jim Drever [Jimbo].
July 5, 2005

Hello there,

I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut in 1971 with the 8th APS MOB team, I was usually all over the ramp, and went with the Hot loads to FSB’s and Special Forces camps all over the place…they would fly us in to a little FSB or base with usually a CCT, and/or Army Special forces unit, minimally arming us with M-16’s …dropping us off at some pretty scary little places. I was wounded in a rocket attack near Pleiku in November 1971 bad enough that it put me out of the Air Force…
At any rate I digress…while on the ramp at TSN.,.. I had the privilege of seeing some of your gunships that would occasionally come in and befriended the crews…. The crew was mostly Vietnamese, but they had a USAF Tech Sergeant that flew along with them I suppose as part of the ”Vietnamazation” process… the AC119 I suppose was a “G” model as they had 4 miniguns on board.. the aircraft was painted all black…pretty nasty looking business end, but I was impressed. I was known enough by the crews that they let me on board a number of times (not as a crew person) I was treated great, and they were all clearly proud of their aircraft..…. Once again.. I was impressed with the bird… I saw a lot of different aircraft out there, and I flew in a lot of them to remote sites. C-7’s C-123’s C-130’s Hueys etc. .but of all the aircraft I saw over there that was the most beautiful “old bird” I ever saw.
Just a little FYI…… I watched them a few times flying at night around some of the more remote bases…they put on quite a light show. I believe it was the AC119 at night..but I couldn’t say for sure as all we saw was the tracers (looked like laser beams).. it might have been the AC130, but once again…we couldn’t see them…just the business end. They did say it was “The Shadow”…so that’s why the assumption.
Many thanks for saving our fannies, and I would like to say to all your members “WELCOME HOME”

BTW,,,,very nice site.. even though I wasn’t a part of your team it brings back some great memories.….and glad to see you guys are still kicking!

If you want to see a little information on my squadron and our little known unit..…please check out this link.

Best regards, Dave Perelman
8th APS MOB Det 5, 1971
Las Vegas, Nevada
July 4, 2005

Greetings to all Shadows & Stingers
As announced on the 71st and AC-119 Gunship Association Web Sites, the Reactivation of the 71st SOS took place on 20 May 2005 at Kirtland AFB, NM as scheduled.
Early this year Jim Alvis, 71st Web Master, received a communique requesting information about the history of the 71st SOS. Jim let me know about the contact and the two of us worked with Capt. Todd Thorpe who was the Coordinator for the Reactivation Ceremony. We sent materials and other items to Kirtland that were used in the preparing for the ceremony. We were pleased to learn that fromer members of the 71st would be welcome to attend the ceremony.
I decided early on that I would make an effort to attend the ceremony and did just that. My wife Helen and I were greeted warmly upon our arrival at Kirtland and met many of the personnel scheduled to be part of the new 71st. A CV-22 Ospery was flown in from Edwards AFB to be put on display during the ceremony. The Reactivation and Assumption of Command ceremony was outstanding and recognized the long colorful history of the 71st. At the conclusion of the ceremony I presented the new Squadron Commander, Lt Col James L Cardoso, with an AC-119G Gunship lithograph (beautifully framed by the Kirtland AFB frame shop) to be placed in the new 71st "Heritage Room". After a pesonal guided tour of the CV-22 Osprey I was honored with an hour long simulator session. What an awesome training facility. Needles to say my piloting skills have diminished but it was a great ride. Thanks Sgt Pelhan.
The 71st SOS is again alive and in good hands and I am confident that all the challenges of developing a combat ready unit will be accomplished on Schedule.
It was a real privilege to be an attendance at the cermony and I thank all of the new 71st personnel who made our trip a memorable one.

Herman A. (Al) Heuss Col USAFR Retired
71st SOS
May 30, 2005

For you C-119 folks that go way back....12Th TROOP CARRIER SQUADRON, Rhein-Main, Germany and Dreux, France, The 2005 Reunion will be held in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. September 26-28. All members who were assigned to this squadron and these two bases in the 1950's and their families are cordially invited to attend. See shows Monday and Tuesday evenings. Our squadron dinner will be held Wednesday, the 28th. Contact: Paul and Darline Baldwin, 113 Par Drive, Whitney, Texas 76692, Tel. 254-694-2267.
E-mail Please visit our web site at

I was stationed at phran rang April 71 to sept 71 in the 17th SOS. I was ground crew day shift and worked for CMSgt bell. After we painted our gunships they were given to the VNAF and most of us were shipped to DaNang and the 20th TASS.
Great site, its been a couple years since I signed in.
John Zebley
May 12, 2005

Jerry, Thanks for the info on "Spooky, Spectre, & Shadow,(& Stinger!) show times. Caught it last night and enjoyed it much. They don't spend enough time on the A119G & K though. Thanks again.
Jim Ray
May 12, 2005

Stinger Ted writes.... I am looking for crew members who flew the Stinger out of Udorn and NKP May 1970-April 1971. Sgt's caruso and Leachman, a Gunner who introduced me to Marilyn Cain from KC, Mo., and any of the AC's/Navs from that era of flying the Barrel and Cambodia.

Ted Curtis
Hilton Head Island,SC

May 4, 2005

Just an update for the show "Spooky, Spectre & Shadow" it will be aired again on the Military Channel (Direct TV, enhanced cable etc) on May 11th at 10PM (EST).
See yuz guys soon or else...
Jerry Snyder, Mt Sinai, NY
April 28, 2005

I very much appreciate both the excellent web site and, especially, the respect and honor you all have paid to Terry Courtney. Let me tell you a couple of things about Terry that have stayed with me through the years. He and I were room mates at Lockbourne for G training, and were good friends after that. We were at Phan Rang, Da Nang, NKP, and then Bien Hoa together during the An Loc Campaign. Terry and I were in total agreement that flying a tight little firing circle over An Loc during daylight hours was not a smart proposition. I was on the runway in the number one position for takeoff on the day he was shot down, and our mission was cancelled just moments before brake release. I knew something bad had happened, although I did not know who was flying.

However, the stories I want to tell about Terry were things that happened back in the States. After our weeks in the Q at Lockbourne we were moved out to the higher class contract quarters at the Holiday Inn. Now, Terry was a hugely gregarious guy. Impossible not to like him. One night he and I went to town for dinner - a polynesian place like Trader Vic's, if I remember correctly - and Terry, all by himself, there in that restaurant, picked up the entire woman's bowling team from Maslin, Ohio! He got everyone of them out to the Holiday Inn for a pool party. Don't remember any swimming, but I do recall a drink or two (or more) and a bunch of female card sharks (poker). A good time was had by all. Terry was truly one of a kind.

The other thing I remember about Terry brings him to mind repeatedly, to this very day... He taught me a way of dealing with negative and unpleasant people that has stayed with me all these years, and that I still use to my benefit. Terry had an expression - "consider the source" he would say - when dealing with jerks, and, having said it, he was able to let venom or unpleasantness roll off him like water off a duck's back. It seemed to give him a higher perspective over a negative person, and it generally made him immune to anger. He showed maturity beyond his years. I admired him for it then, and I admire him for it now. It's funny how one guy, over one short year of your life, can change you forever. I guess you're never really gone when you live on in others.

Enclosed is a photo of the working side of the 119K. Post it if you like for other Stinger's to enjoy. Anybody out there besides me remember Igloo White? Finally, I must admit that I kept the beer bottle opener from the Stinger bar at NKP when it closed down. It's a 20mm shell filled with melted lead, with bottle & can openers cast back to back. Still working it's magic.

John Nicholson, 18th SOS, '71-'72
Alexandria, VA
April 26, 2005

Webmaster note: John's photo will be posted as soon as possible

Hello to all Stingers and Shadow and support

I was a nav aids repairman with the 4413 CCTS, at
Lockbourne AFB, outside of Columbus, OH, assigned there in early 1970. The squardron transferred to Hurlburt, and became the 415th SOTS in June 71. I was with the 415th, and later the AMS of the host at Hurlburt, the old 1st SOW. I stayed at Hurlburt until discharge in dec 72. In Ohio, we had G and K model 119's and one or 2 A model 130's. We acquired other 130's in Hurlburt. I saw many air crews going to SEA, never went myself, even though I volunteered three times for SEA. In 1972, I worked mostly on the 119's, had the most experience with them in the shop, kept
getting the harder to deal with work orders,
especially antenna or wiring problems.

Hope all who are able to read the guestbook are well, would love to hear from anyone at Hurlburt in 71 or 72. I recently visited the Air park at Hurlburt's gate, recognized several tail numbers now on display. The nice strapping A/P at the gate (who looked to be about 15), was accomodating but not the least bit interested in talking about 119's. Anyone got any stories about thier experiences, in SEA or FWB, to share?

Ron Davenport
April 17, 2005

"Fuzzy" Thurston retired in 1998 and now works at the Joint Warfighter Center for Joint Forces Command in Suffolk, Virginia.
Dan Heading <>
Suffolk, VA USA
Sunday, April 10, 2005

Just an old E-5 box kicker lookin at some great old birds. loaded many, fly on a few, but loved it all thanks guys for all you did.
Ken Kincaid <>
Royse City , Tx USA
Thursday, April 07, 2005

I am still trying to locate anybody who remembers flying with me during the 72-73 season. I am trying to get together documentation for my End of Tour DFC and need some help. As I rememebr there was a SGT Fred Caukin at NKP who worked Awards and Dec's. We also served together on Guam. Is he still alive and well?
Major Tom Honzik (Ret) <>
Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hey Gang!! Sure hope you ALL are doing Just Great!! I 'desparately' need contact with some DaNang aircrews. Found out that my AM's, as far as I can tell, need to be 'validated' ($(&*^) by someone who served with me 69/70 at DaNang. Anyone who remembers Capt's Weda, Cauhey, Col Brown (Sqd. C.O, Capt. Ray Galindo or Maj. Douglas Frost, either of the Ables twins, that 'good gamlin' Barney Lowe, Marty with the teddy bear (Really, it was part of his crews Take-Off Checklist-ROFL!) or S/sgt. Ayers (May Rest In Peace). I am NOT T/Sgt. Asbury Morrison, Americus Flloyd Leon Barnwell, and I know Lee Marsden, Hans George Wurful' l probably laugh & hoot when he recalls my Check Ride out of Phu Cat!! For the guy's at DaNang, I'm the guy who had the 'notion', that a .38 revolver rotated clockwise, and then proceeded to summarily 'executed' clearence barrel in front of Ops. (yeah yeah, laugh it up gang-Heh heh heh), at least I hit it in the middle:-)!! Ray was of the fear that I'd shot myself in the foot!! Small wonder HuH, dinky dau!! Hey, the V.A. claims I need the "V" device, attached to my AM's (againat& would have 8--How are Jim Forney, love you, it's no stretch ALL to see you on a Hot-Target Dude! Hey, I'm trying for my P.T.S.D,...Sure would like ta' hear from youse Guy's; i'm homeless Troopers. Bob Greene,...Joy to you ALL!!!
Robert Greene,Jr. <>
Saint Joseph, Mo USA
Thursday, April 07, 2005

I don't know for sure, but I suspect Bill Petrie is the one keeping this website clear of the many Spam messages that so often clutter up our Guestbook comments. You certainly have my appreciation Bill, as the site would be unusable w/o your "sweeping" it clean from time-to-time!
ted curtis <>
Hilton Head Island, sc USA
Sunday, April 03, 2005

This is a great website. Really enjoyed the stroll down memory lane. I trained as a gunner on 119's at Lockbourne and spent the year of 1970 touring Laos and Vietnam at 7000 ft. Recognize many of the people and places in the photos. Keep up the good work.
Jeff Winter <>
West Bend, WI USA
Sunday, April 03, 2005

HI All, This is the correct link for the Vietnam Homecoming in Branson Missouri.
Everett Sprous <>
Fenton, MO USA
Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stationed at Bien Thuy with 22 TASS 66-67 I was the Hyd mech who took care of all hyd work on your birds
Tony Cestnik <>
Anchorage, ak USA
Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hi Brothers, as you all know, this is the 30 year aniversery of the end of the Vietnam War for the US. In Branson Missouri, there is a special celebration for Vietnam Vets. Go to www.operationhomecoming.usa/branson.asp this event is in June. I hope I can make it. Maybe I'll see some of my Gunship Brothers there. Happy Easter Everett
Everett Sprous <>
Fenton, MO USA
Sunday, March 27, 2005

Time Life Books Aviation series "Soldiers of Fortune" mentions on page 147 a certain Civil Air Transport (CAT) captain by the name of James B. McGovern."Known throught the orient as Earthquake McGoon." He was supposed to have weighed over 300 Pounds. Skip to page 153 of the same book and we find McGoon flying a C-119 to airdrop supplies to the French at Dien Bien Phu. He took several hits and was killed in the crashed, '... just short of a landing strip by a river. Two days later, on May 7, 1954, the French surrenderd." R.I.P. My Brother.
The Yankee Air Pirate
Fairview, OR USA
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hello Gunshippers Just a note to say hello and wishing everyone a good year and hopeing to see everyone and some new faces this year at the reunion would like to hear from some of you all later
Tom Schroeder <>
Newalla, Okla USA
Friday, March 18, 2005

Just to let everyone know we have a new phone number, the address and everything else is still the same. The new number is 916-366-1214. Sorry to do this to everyone, hope you all have a wonderful weekend. From out of the west, low and Slow, The Reffners.
Bill, Tammy and Catherine Reffner <>
Sacramento, CA USA
Friday, March 18, 2005

Just wanted to let everyone know that we had a wonderful breakfast with Jeff Baker and his wife when they passed through Sacramento last week. Hope that everyone is doing great and we look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in October. From out of the West, Low and Slow, The Reffners.
Bill, Tammy and Catherine Reffner <>
Sacramento, CA USA
Thursday, March 17, 2005

Can anyone help me find Phillip N. Hays? He was with the 71st from 68 to 69. Thanks
David Galvan <>
Wickham Market, United Kingdom
Monday, March 14, 2005

Bill.......I am saddened to see these spam ad's and BS clutter up our very personal,and important site. I dont think a passcode works for what we are trying to accomplish,however,what about a "false front" whereby someone/service/can act as a "screener" to eliminate the spammers,and viewers only get real emails?????
ted curtis <>
Hilton Head Island, SC USA
Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hope all is well with everyone. I hope to see all of you at reunion VI along with alot of new faces. Your treasurer has moved. Please send all correspondence to Doug Wohlgamuth 504 Shea PL. Sun City Center, Fl. 33573. Our new Phone Number is 813-633-0685. Take Care and May God Bless
Doug Wohlgamuth <>
Sun City Center, Fl USA
Wednesday, March 09, 2005

who wrote this? this mission date is the day my Dad died--From there I went to Na Trang and worked on AC-119's in the 71st SOS. We ... mission of an AC 119 Shadow on October 11, 1969, at Ton Son Nhut ... Please contact me.
bob knapic <>

Some AC-119 trivia........the very first USAF aircraft to be shot down in SEA was a C-119 on May 6,1954 on a re-supply run over Dien Bien Phu.1/Lt Wallace Buford was the Pilot. Stingers/Shadows have a long history in SEA.I was proud to be an A/C on a Stinger from 4/70-4/71.Served at Udorn&NKP.
ted curtis <>
Hilton Head Island, SC USA - Thursday, February 24, 2005 at 15:52:24 (EST)

Two Stinger pilots were in my OTS Class 68F, Tom Lubbers and Steve Zolock. I was on the flightline at TSN the night Tom's Stinger crashed and was a long and awful night. Later I saw Steve a couple times when he was Chief of Flight Safety at Scott AFBt AFB. I have nothing but the greatestll of you who served in the C-119 gunships. I retired from USAF in 1998 after over 30 years of fun, frolic and occasional fear.
Larry Mayes <>
Rapid City, SD USA - Monday, February 21, 2005 at 15:44:42 (EST

Just an update on the Gunship show mentioned. Saw it from the beginning and it was called "Spooky, Spectre and Shadow". Pretty good show about the development othe gunship but to here them tell it, the AC130 was the only one flying the Trail. Still worth watching.
Jerry Snyder <>
Mount Sinai, NY USA - Thursday, February 10, 2005 at 08:56:54 (EST)

Was going to tell all the 119 Gunshipers about Gunship program on the Military Channel on Direct TV., But i see jerry has already put the word out. As Jerry mentioned we (119 gunships) were mentioned by name in the last 2 min of the program with a couple of clips of the 119's in flight. It's also cold here in oregon. Looking forward to the FWB reunion in Sept.>
Milo Yowell <>
USA - Wednesday, February 09, 2005 at 23:36:27 (EST)

Just saw a show on gunships over Vietnam on the "Wings Channel" and besides dedicating most of the show to the 130's they actually mentioned and showed the 119 and mentioned the 71st, Shadow and Stinger. The show should repeat itself sometime tomorrow afternoon, do not know the exact time, as they say "check your local listings". Sure is cold and snowy up here in NY and can't wait to see you all in Fort Walton Beach.
Jerry Snyder <>
Mount Sinai, NY USA - Wednesday, February 09, 2005 at 23:13:08 (EST)

Hello Everyone, Just a little note to say sorry for being out of touch for a while. But we are back and full force. From out of the West, Low and Slow, The Reffners.
Bill, Tammy and Catherine Reffner <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Tuesday, February 08, 2005 at 02:15:43 (EST)

Hi Gunship Family, I have moved, at least tempt;
Sacramento, CA USA - Tuesday, February 08, 2005 at 02:15:43 (EST)

Hi Gunship Family, I have moved, at least temporarily. My new address will be 108 San Lorenzo, Fenton, MO 63026
Everett Sprous <>
St Louis, MO USA - Saturday, February 05, 2005 at 16:44:25 (EST)

I've posted a bunch of pictures of the Stinger and the Polish Bandits crew, that Dick had, on my blog at Since I have little idea of what they are, I hope you will leave comments about them. Also I would love to hear any memories you may have of Dick. Thanks, Jacque
Jacque Reilly <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Saturday, February 05, 2005 at 14:52:20 (EST)

ATTENTION ALL FORMER AWARDS & DECORATIONS OFFICERS/NCOs - any Squadron - as Executive Officer to the President of the Awards & Decorations Recovery Board, MGen Doug Metcalf, I am requesting any Officer or NCO who has a copy of any policy letter, Regulation, document, or any information as to the 'policy' for awarding an END OF TOUR DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS...or any other END OF TOUR decoration, to please forward that information to us. WE are trying tion as to the 'policy' for awarding an END OF TOUR DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS...or any other END OF TOUR decoration, to please forward that information to us. WE are trying to help several of your Brother Gunshippers 'correct' their records....we need your support NOW - plz e-mail me - Cheers - Col Mac
Col Steve 'Mac' Mac Isaac <>
RIO RANCHO, NM USA - Sunday, January 30, 2005 at 22:38:57 (EST)

Enjoyed the site very much....I was stationed at Bien Hoa Sep. 64 Thru Sep 65. and was priviliged to fly on the original Puff.
Fargo, ND USA - Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 12:43:03 (EST)

I worked in the Field Maint. Squadron at Phan Rang, Feb. to Nov. 1970, helping maintain the doppler navagation and the forward looking radar systems for the Stsaw of a Stinger in action. Could anyone tell me where I could obtain such a picture? Perhaps a digital copy?
Troy Adams <>
Sullivan, ME USA - Monday, January 24, 2005 at 21:57:15 (EST)

Bobby Holmes If you read this, send me an email. Your tampabayrr email address is not receiving messages.
Howard Reid <>
USA - Monday, January 24, 2005 at 11:01:50 (EST)

Does anybody remember a gunner from NKP named Guthrie? I don't remember his first name. We always called him Arlo. He was at NKP in 1972.
Tom Honzik <>
ILL USA - Tuesday, January 18, 2005 at 14:11:06 (EST)

I went to see the movie "Flight of The Phoenix" two weeks ago. It was just an OKtwo weeks ago. It was just an OK type of think, maybe 2 to 3 stars. The thing is the start of the movie has some grate shots of the C-119/C-82 (I still can't tell them apart) if you have not seen it and you want to see the old 119 fly give this a try. See you all next year
Allen Chandler <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Sunday, January 16, 2005 at 12:00:45 (EST)

Just want to stop in say hellooooooooooo to all the DoorGunners out there. Here some thing I like to leave. Sve. SOLDIER I was that which others cared not to be. I went where otheent where others feared to go and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing. I reluctantly, accepted the thought of eternal loneliness-should I fail. I have seen the face of terror, felt the chill of fear, warmed to the touch of love. I have hoped, pained, cried. But, foremost, lived in times others would say best forgotten. At the very least, in later days, I will be able to say with greatest pride, That I was indeed, a Soldier!! By: George L. Skypeck 173rd. Airborne Brigade at Dak To TET OFFENSIVE 1968 January 31,1968 God Bless Troop C 3/4 Cavalry 25th.Infantry Division, For without them Tan Son Nhut Air Base would have been over Run. I'm Honored to Have Supported them There Co.B 25th.Avn.Bn Diamond Head Gunship Doorgunner For my friend Edward that give his life that day as our two gunships where flying Air Support Jan. 31, 1968 a day I'll never forget. As Gen. MacArthur said old Soldiers never Die, they just get a computer!!!!!!then go nut's and go around signing guestbooks. LOL. I shall return. Ed :)
ED Lyons DoorGunner <>
Titusville, Fl USA - Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 23:19:10 (EST)

I always knew she had it in her. I was stationed at Clinton County AFB in Wilmington, Ohio in the late 60's and early 70's. At the time we were a troop carrier group flying the "Dollar 19's. The base was closed, we were moved to Rickenbacker in Columbus,(then a SAC base), and equipped with C124's. I loved the old boxcars and always knew they were underemployed. I was so happy when she was armed and fixed with war paint. I was out by the time she made her bones in Viet Nam, but I never let a mention of her (and your) successes pass without noticing and smiling the "I knew she could do it" smile. Kent
Kent L. Daughtrey <>
Hillsboro, Oh USA - Saturday, January 08, 2005 at 00:47:16 (EST)

Me again. I need some help. I never received my EOT DFC and I need to find Stingers who flew with me who could help me get my packet together for it. I got to NKP in April 1972. Went TDY to Bein Hoa twice and was sent to DaNang PCS without PCA in August 1972. I stayed in DaNang till Feburary 1972. So, anybody who remember flying with me on a good mission please contact me at Have a Happy New Year.
Tom Honzik <>
New Lenox, IL USA - Friday, January 07, 2005 at 09:52:32 (EST)

Happy 2005! I left DaNang in February 1973 after a fun tour as a gunner on the AC119K. That's 32 years ago!!! It feels like only yestersay that I was drinking a 33 export and watching rockets hit the flight line at DaNang. Time flies when your having a good time.
Tom Honzik <>
New Lenox, IL USA - Friday, January 07, 2005 at 09:46:20 (EST)

Just to let everyone in the outfit know. I have moved out of Florida. I am now located in Greenville S.C. 29605. Address is 2 Dillingham Court, Above town. Phone 864-277-3577. Any patch requests should come to this new address. See everyone at the reunion. Art Perry
Art Perry <>
Greenville , S.C. USA - Thursday, January 06, 2005 at 18:59:20 (EST they are looking for SHADOE 21 who flew on/about 11 April 1970 - you/your crew has a/some well deserved/not awarded decorations for a mission you flew that night. Contact Charlie Helms at - Good Luck & Cheers - Col Mac
Col Steve 'Mac' Mac Isaac <>
RIO RANCHO, NM USA - Wednesday, January 05, 2005 at 22:53:58 (EST)

I'm seeking any photographs of Stingers which began life as Cargo Haulers which I flew with the 12th Troop Carrier Squadron, Dreux Air Base, France in the late '50s. They are 53-7826, 7830, 7831, 7839, 8145 and 8148. I have good pictures of 830 and 839, partials of 826 831 and 148, but I have not been able find even a partial of 145. I am going to revise my book, "Departure Message," with a couple of more stories added about you guys who flew the Stingers , and I would like to include some photos, before and after. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
Chuck Lunsford <>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Wednesday, January 05, 2005 at 01:30:37 (EST)

Hope to see everyone in FWB. Stay safe.
Jay Smith <>
clinton , md USA - Monday, January 03, 2005 at 20:46:20 (EST)

Hope everyone made it to 2005 ok. Sorry to hear about the big wave hitting Thailand and other parts. lucky for stinger one we were not partying at the beach, so I will see you guys in Oct...Bob
Bob Holmes <>
tampa, fl USA - Saturday, January 01, 2005 at 23:29:08 (EST)

Welcome to the 2005 Guestbook. HAPPY NEW YEAR Guys. Lord willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll see you at Gunship REUNION VI, September 30th through October 2, 2005.
Have a great New Year...Da Webmeister
Bill Petrie <>
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Saturday, January 01, 2005 at 16:23:33 (EST)

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