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  Last Flight 18th SOS

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In memory of our brothers lost since the Vietnam War....
For they have flown their Last Flight.

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
we shall remember them."

Laurence Binyon


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March 2, 2017

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Aaronson, Alvin D.
Abels, William H.
Acquaviva, Jim
Agnello, Anthony M.
Amper, Mariano
Armour, Tom
Armstrong, Gerald C.
Ashton, Charles Y.
Askin, Theodore S
Atwood, Theodore R. "Ted"
Bach, Harold Hoa (VNAF)
Bacon, William
Balish, Donald G.
Barradale, Raymond E.
Beall, George S.
Bergstrom, Donald P.
Bielstein, John C.
Blum, Fred
Bott, Terry
Boyle, Douglas [Doug] Charles
Brightman, Jerry
Brown, Wilford Ray
Browning, Donald G.
Brubaker, Richard E.
Bruflat, Harvey
Bunting, Woody
Burress, William "Bill" Reuben Jr.
Byler, Buddy R.
Chandler, Calvin
Chapman, James N.
Clark, Don
Clemons, Dewell M.
Clevenger, James E.
Coates, Paul L.
Collins, Willard L.
Connor, George E.
Connor, Robert
Cooper, DeWitt
Cullop, Walker "Dale"
Dalrymple, Keith
DeLoache, Kelly
Doherty, Edward P.
Dolback, Thomas R.
Drislan, John J.
Eggert, Fred
Evitts, George W.
Feezer, Bill
Flynn, J. D. Jr.
Forney, Jim
Fransen, Karl E.
Franta, John M.
Freeman, Curtis E.
Friel, (Niel) Michael
Garcia, Habucuc V.
Garcia, Raymond
Gatlin, Richard M.
Gentes, Rollin W.
Glass, Earl R.
Glover, Andy
Goodwin, Harry
Goodwin, Phillip G.
Grauer, Tim
Graves, Frederick
Gravitte, Ray
Hampton, Donald L.
Hansen, Charles
Hawpe, Muriel
Helmig, Bob
Hickey, Larry
Higgins, Johnny M.
Hill, Frankie D. Sr
Hill, Thomas D.
Hinkle, Lowel D.
Hodges, Ancil C.
Hodnett, Ronald N.
Hogue, James C.
Hyden, Robert G.
Iserloth, Jay E.
Jablonski, Henry (Hank)
Jackson, Leroy Jr. *
Jarnagin, Steven C.
Johnson, Robert W.
Johnson, Emil L.
Jones, Loyd A.
Kayl, Donald L.
Kennedy, Max C.
Kimble, William
Kite, Ben
Korte, William "Bill"
Kroll, Ronald L.
Lamb, Thomas A.
Leavitt, Von
Lee, Gareth G.
Lemaster, James W.
Lewis, John W.
Lopez, Augustin M. "Augie"
Lucky, Shelby

Maclean, Brian
Mahany, Dick
Mandeville, R
March, Fred
Marsh, Nelson E.
Marsland, Gerald "Mingo"
Mathews, Robert
Mathison, Devin W.
May, Jim
McDuffie, Dan
McGillis, Joseph "Patrick"
Merrill,Oliver J.
Milacek, Alan D.
Miller, Richard E. (Tech Rep)
Morre, Clarence L.
Morris, Jack A.
Murdock, John A.
Murray, Lawrence P.
Nash, Al
Nealy, J E
Oliver, George W.
Olsen, Robert A.
Pace, Kenneth W.
Paden, Ronald L.
Parker, James
Payne, Virgil "Dutch"
Piccotti, Lewis "John"
Pommerelle, Rene
Powell, Thomas J.
Price, Royce "Roy" D.
Profitt, Robert D.
Pueppke, Jim
Reeter, William E.
Reffner, William E.
Reid, Duane R.
Reilly, Richard J.
Rice, Ralph D.
Ridgeway, Robert
Ritenour, John D.
Rockafellow, Doug
Romandetta, Dominick
Roode, Gene
Rounds, Gordon M.
Sak, Thomas J.
Saunders, Harvey W. (Sandy)
Savelle, Peter D. "Dave"
Scoggins, Tom
Shipley, Henry J.
Shrodes, Lemoyne
Simmons, Herb
Sluss, Maurice C.
Smith, James G.
Stanton, Danny
Stumbaugh, Paul R.
Sugg, Joseph P. "Joe"
Swanson, Donald
Taschiologlu, Byron L.
Taylor, Alphonso D.
Terry, Jim
Thomas, Robert
Thomason, Jimmie D.
Traynor, Mike
Tubbs, Lyle D.
Vandyke, Ronald W.
Waggoner, Walter
Ward, Richard
Watling, Harvey R.
Webb, Keith R.
Wesen, Charles L.
White, Walter E.
Wilkerson, Billy J.
Wilson, Burke L.
Winter, Jeffrey A.
Woznicki, Francis J.
Wright, Howard E.
Yowell, Milo G.
Zemanick, Frank.










* Also served with the 17th SOS

If you know of a Stinger from the 18th Special Operations Squadron who should be added to this list, or if you see a name that should be corrected, please email Wayne Laessig at


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